Remarkable Races Submerged

by Alluria Publishing

Alluria Publishing



Tags: Fantasy Magic Magic Items Monsters/Enemies Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition Psionics Races Spells Treasure

Remarkable Races Submerged

Remarkable Races is going beneath the waves in a new series called "Remarkable Races Submerged." These new racial supplements will add an aquatic flair to our beloved Remarkable Races line, transforming many of your favorite races for use with the Cerulean Seas Campaign Setting, as well as introducing a few new one!

While the Mogogol (Cerulean Seas Campaign Setting), the Obitu (Aquatic Obitu, Azure Abyss), and the Zif (Zef, Waves of Thought) have already joined the core races under the waves, there are 12 more racial concepts to plunge into the depths. In addition, we included two new PC race subtypes which add another 20 races to explore.

You will also find racial prestige classes, feats, magic items, new and amazing watery locations and planes of existence, new monsters, and much, much more! This book expands on the material presented in the Cerulean Seas Campaign Setting, bringing you a new PC race for aquatic adventure!