Rune Divination Set

by Norse Tradesman

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Rune Divination Set

ANCIENT POWER - This Elder Futhark rune set can be used for fortune-telling and divination, but like Tarot, it is highly interpretive. When using this set, the user needs to be confident. The gods do not interfere with the world of man, they merely spectate. They will give you no help that you do not get for yourself.

HOW TO USE - Either 1, 2 or 3 rune pieces are cast onto the mat and left to the gods to determine their pattern as they come to rest. Each rune may have 3, 4, or even 5 symbolic meanings that will be determined by the context of the situation and the accompanying runes. Runes can be used to determine and prescribe the movements of the very fabric of the world.

✨ ALL NATURAL MATERIALS - This Norse rune set comes with 25 genuine ox-bone rune pieces. Each piece is totally unique, as they are carved and polished by hand. The leather mat is made from the finest top-grain leather.

YOUR RUNE GUIDE - Norse Tradesman will send a full rune divination guide via email with every valid purchase from authorized seller Daaxo Wares, LLC. This will provide more instructions on how you might use your rune set.

SPECS: Weight: 1 lb | Mat Diameter: 16" | Materials: 25 ox-bone rune pieces, top-grain leather divination mat.