Soul Sword SF

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



Tags: Fantasy Magic Items Sci-Fi Starfinder Treasure

Soul Sword SF

Weaponize Your Innermost Self

A Soul Sword is a blank slate of the raw power of the universe, the secret runic language that describes, defines, and thus empowers every aspect of reality. When a Soul Sword comes in contact with its wielder, it’s vast reserve of undefined energy draws its form and function from the secret true runes that describe that wielder. Thus the Soul Sword of a lashunta mechanic is very different from one wielded by a dwarven mystic. In each case, the powers of the Soul Sword are drawn from the inner nature of its wielder, but the end result is very different.

A Soul Sword can be used many different ways by a GM. At its base, it’s a progressive magic item that can always serve as an appropriate weapon for a character of a given level. As a GM you can add it to a game as just a fun magic item. But an entire campaign can be built around one or more Soul Swords. It can serve as a rare and unifying item that brings the PCs together without causing them to all have exactly the same options. Like the classic Knights of the Round Table, if the GM chooses to make a group of heroes the Soul band, each with their own Soul Sword, it can help build a common legend while still giving each character their own different spotlight of function and special options.