Sovereign Stone Campaign Setting Core Rulebook

by Timeout Diversions

Timeout Diversions



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Sovereign Stone Campaign Setting Core Rulebook

The epic fantasy world and tales of Sovereign Stone return in this new edition designed for the popular Pathfinder® game system! Rediscover the wondrous landscapes, creatures, and denizens conceived by renowned master of fantasy art, Larry Elmore, and popularized by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman in the bestselling Sovereign Stone Trilogy from HarperCollins.

This is a complete campaign setting for your Pathfinder® RPG. Everything uniquely Sovereign Stone has been revised and expanded. The distinctive races from seafaring orks, nomadic dwarves, feudal Japan-like elves, and peaceful pecwae to a half-dozen standout human cultures are further highlighted with information compiled from previous as well as unpublished sourcebooks. New interpretations of character classes introduce exciting options, complemented with new feats and abilities. Also featured is an innovative Hero Points system that combines rewards for roleplaying with high drama, while enabling players to influence and affect a game campaign in significant ways!

Sovereign Stone Campaign Core Rulebook is a clear, concise portal to fantastic adventures in the land of Loerem. Discover what many loyal fans who made Sovereign Stone a top game setting already know: a rich world vibrating with novelty and excitement at every turn!

This book is also available as part of the discounted Sovereign Stone Starter Set!