Star Log.EM-013: Augmentative Equipment

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



Tags: Fantasy gear Sci-Fi Starfinder

Star Log.EM-013: Augmentative Equipment

By Alexander Augunas

Take your Starfinder campaign to new heights with Everyman Gaming’s Star Log.EM series! This high-crunch series specializes in everything from fantastic new aliens from recently discovered biomes to exciting new archetypes, feats, and class options based on futuristic ideology and traditional fantasy alike. Each week, a different Star Log.EM tackles a new, exciting topic.

This installment of Star Log.EM includes: 1,000 words introducing all-new augmentations, weapon fusions, and armor upgrades that augment your body in some capacity. For instance, the new biointigration weapon fusion allows you to magically fuse a one-handed weapon with your hand, while the phase emitter armor upgrade allows you to compress your body into a mobile sphere that you can roll around at leisure. New augmentations include a biotic flight augmentation that allows you to graft wings onto your body, adamantine boneplate coats your bones in adamantine for additional defense, spiked growths for additional unarmed strike damage, and more!

The Star Log.EM series—Starfinder for tomorrow!