Star Log.EM-052: Borai Options

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



Tags: Archetypes Magic Races Sci-Fi Starfinder

Star Log.EM-052: Borai Options

By Alexander Augunas

Take your Starfinder campaign to new heights with Everyman Gaming’s Star Log.EM series! This high-crunch series specializes in everything from fantastic new aliens from recently discovered biomes to exciting new archetypes, feats, and class options based on futuristic ideology and traditional fantasy alike. Each week, a different Star Log.EM tackles a new, exciting topic.

This installment of Star Log.EM includes: 1,000 words introducing new options for borai, undead characters that have retained small slivers of their living form’s souls. Included within is a complete reprinting of borai racial traits, options to create borai for dozens of new races spanning from dwarves and elves to barathu and skittermanders, to kitsune and vishkanya and more. Also included is a new archetype for borai, the borai paragon, four new feats for borai characters, and a new reanimation spell specifically designed to raise corpses into borai.

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