Starfarer Adversaries DELUXE: Drider

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



Tags: Fantasy Monsters/Enemies Sci-Fi Starfinder

Starfarer Adversaries DELUXE: Drider

Spiders?! In SPACE?!

Driders are horrific blends of the blue-purple race of anarchic elves known as drow, and spiderlike demons from lower recesses of the outer planes. Often agents of the FiendWebs of Akkanar, where a foul demonic drow empire exists in its own demiplane, driders are strong warriors and powerful spellcasters!

Each Starfarer Adversaries Deluxe offers numerous stat blocks for one foe at a range of CRs, making sure you can use it in nearly any adventure! The drider is presented at 16 different levels, from CR 5 to CR 20! Also included are two new pieces of gear, the shock glaive and beamer pistol!

Starfarer Adversaries: Because the vacuum of space doesn't kill you fast enough!