Stellar Options #14: Planetary Psychology

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



Tags: Archetypes Classes GM Tools Player Aids Sci-Fi SRD Enhanced Starfinder

Stellar Options #14: Planetary Psychology

It's All in your Head!

Get new options for your Starfinder explorers of the secrets of the mind, reaching out to connect the inner psyche with the boundless void of the universe. Master mental sciences with the expansive hypnotherapist archetype, with class features like mind spy, awakened mind, combat telepathy, and group therapy, with an array of techniques and bonuses to unite your allies and really put your heads together!

Sometimes you want awesome rules expansions for your Starfinder Roleplaying Game campaign, but sometimes what you need is a power-packed punch of tightly focused rules content that contains exactly what you need for your character, creature, or whatever it may be. New fighting styles and feats, thematically linked gear, archetypes and class features, and so on; that's where Stellar Options come in. Stellar Options are not about exposition, philosophy, and campaign-building; they are just flat-out fantastic ideas and great mechanics for GMs and players alike, written by many of the same designers that create official Starfinder rules content! Grab each one for just $1.99 and Make Your Game Legendary!