Storm Bunny Presents: The Reaper


Brand: Storm Bunny Studios

Format: PDF

Storm Bunny Presents: The Reaper

Storm Bunny Presents: The Reaper

Storm Bunny Presents is a broad line of products suitable for any number of gaming systems and offers GMs and Storytellers a line of products aimed at simplifying game preparation.

It will include all manner of accessories, including evocative maps, memorable NPCs (non-player characters), impressive encounter locations, short stories intended to spark the imagination, and handouts that ease preparation time.

The Reaper gives Pathfinder Roleplaying Game GMs a quick, engaging NPC and accompanying background story that can easily be adapted to fit a single session with minimal preparation. Conversely, this NPC can be used as the focus point of a multi-session adventure. This PDF includes a new weapon, the Slayer's Gauntlet, as well as a new template - the Iron-Forged. Illustration by Hugo Solis.

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