Straight Classes

by Straight Path Games

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Straight Classes

Whether they’re swinging a sword, hiding in the shadows or bending the fabric of reality, every adventurer is a member of a class. A class tells you a lot of things about that character, but most importantly it defines how that character handles combat, and what sort of abilities that character has outside of it.

In the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, there are a huge number of classes a character can be a part of, each with their own unique abilities and advancement. In Straight Classes, there are sixteen, each of which follows one of three paths. Martial characters focus on combat through physical prowess. Skilled characters put more emphasis on out-of-combat abilities. Casters use limited reserves of magic to do incredible things both in and out of combat. And every one of the sixteen classes is unique in flavor and play.

Straight classes are streamlined to be accessible to new players – but this simplicity also allows for the near-instant creation of non-player characters, enemies, cohorts, and even animal companions. Whatever your level of skill, Straight Classes gives you the chance to pick up a new character at lightning speed. And better yet, they let you hand that character to someone who is new to the game, without overwhelming them with options.