Strange Magic Expanded - The Ethercoustic Theurge

by Interjection Games

Interjection Games



Tags: Fantasy Feats Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition Prestige Classes Sci-Fi Strange Magic

Strange Magic Expanded - The Ethercoustic Theurge

Strange Magic Expanded - The Ethercoustic Theurge

Begun the crowdsourcing has.

Interjection Games is proud to present its first product written entirely by an individual other than its owner. Back in March, I hosted an open initiative to my core fanbase to teach design fundamentals and slowly coax an idea of their choosing into reality. In return for that time investiture, I get to sell the final product and pay the author a percentage of the proceeds. Several people signed on, but Bennett Selchow, author of the new ethercoustic theurge prestige class, was the only individual to see a project through.

The ethercoustic theurge is a new 5-level prestige class for use with Strange Magic that mixes the composition and ethermagic systems together. In addition to the wacky abilities that come with the combination of music and space-time, the very existence of a theurge between these two systems of magic makes new builds light up by virtue of dual magic progression.

Product Features

  • Ethercoustic theurge prestige class
  • 4 new feats
  • New design with Interjection Games quality, but without the biases of that same guy you've put up for with the last 100+ products