The Disappearance of Esme

by undeadR Publishing

undeadR Publishing



Tags: 5th Edition Adventure (Low-Level) Fantasy

The Disappearance of Esme

An idyllic little village, nestled in a scenic valley. A deep, dark forest nearby. A little girl who stepped into the woods and never returned. It all seems like something out of a fairy tale.

But not everything is as it seems! A group of heroes must venture into the Emerald Forest to bring Esme back. They will soon learn that 'bringing her back' entails much, much more than that.

A Twisted Fairy Tale

The Disappearance of Esme is a short adventure for four or five characters of 2nd to 4th level. It will take a party from an ancient forest to a magical island at the fringe of the Feywild to the Feywild itself.

As a standalone one shot, it is possible to complete it within a session of six+ hours. However, it is ideally played over two or even three sessions so that the players have time to absorb all that is happening and make decisions with more care. It can be placed within any setting where travel to the Feywild is a possibility.


  • A painstakingly crafted 25 page full-color and fully illustrated PDF, a printer friendly B&W version, and a tested for screen readers accessible version
  • A customisable, standalone adventure with opportunities for exploration, skill challenges, NPC interactions and combat
  • Multiple entry and exit points, suggested developments for many different pathways
  • Well rounded, complex NPCs with old school portraits
  • Tooth Fairies, Flying Monkeys and Foglings: custom monsters with stat blocks
  • A colorful battle map with both DM and player versions for VTTs and separate monster and environment art assets

Content Warning: The intended tone of this adventure is that of a creepy fairy tale. There are allusions to body horror, body morphing and children in peril. In Chapter 2, there is a paragraph that contains imagery of torture. A content warning appears before that paragraph.

This title was crafted under the aegis of the "Write Your First Adventure, Summer 2020" workshop by RPGWriterWorkshop. Please follow me @undeadrajib1 for updates on future products.