The Eye of Light and Darkness

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The Eye of Light and Darkness

An Artifact of Unspeakable Power

In Chaosium's legendary Call of Cthulhu® campaign Masks of Nyarlathotep, the Eye of Light and Darkness is a physical embodiment of a spell of intense magical power that lurks at the heart of the adventure. This protective ward was broken into halves centuries ago: do you dare join the two halves and unleash its power?

At the HPLHS, we believe that great props make for great gaming. Every now and again, we're able to make a prop available that will take your gaming to the next level. This is one of those. Originally created as a part of our Super Deluxe Masks set, we made a few extra of these and they're now available. The HPLHS' Eye of Light and Darkness is big, imposing, heavy, and so realistic it'll blow your players' minds.

In the campaign, it's described as "a slab of white stone several inches thick. Its irregular edges make it apparent that it was broken from a larger piece of worked stone. On its surface is inscribed a strange symbol which appears to be remarkably similar to the Eye of Horus combined with, possibly, the head of an inverted ankh." We've made a few improvements on Chaosium's design.

We created this as a single sculpture, using actual ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs in the design. We then broke our sculpture in half and molded both halves so they would fit together perfectly. Both pieces of this sacred artifact are cast in hydrostone to give them authentic weight and feel. One piece comes wrapped in Egyptian cotton and the other in Chinese brocade. Join them together if you dare! (Together they're 5.25 lbs, 10 x 12 x 1 inches)

Use it when you run your Masks campaign or in your own LARP game. Heck, just put it on your shelf because it looks cool. It's hard not to feel like Indiana Jones when you have one of these in your collection. 

PLEASE NOTE: The fabric wrappings you receive may be a different color than the ones shown in the photograph.

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