The Flame of Mithras

by Storm Bunny Studios

Storm Bunny Studios



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The Flame of Mithras

The Flame of Mithras

Brought to the Empire by legionnaires returning from campaigns against the Parthians and bolstered through interaction with missionaries passing from Parthia to Thracia, the Flame of Mithras teaches a mystery cult faith which primarily venerates Mithras, and, in a lesser respect, both Ahrimanus and Sol Invictus, or the Unconquered Sun.

Released to support The Celestial Host, a new project coming out from Storm Bunny Studios, the Flame of Mithras gives GMs and players alike six free pages of content by ENnie-Award winning author Ben McFarland.

This free PDF includes detailed information on the cult, its rank structure, a trait to support characters, as well as background story options for player characters.

Whether you're using Pathfinder to play games set in a more historically accurate version of Earth or you just need a new cult for your favorite fantasy setting, this is one to grab!