The Genius Guide to the Godling Ascendant

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The Genius Guide to the Godling Ascendant

Beings with powers drawn from the might of the heavens themselves, godlings first appeared in The Genius Guide to the Godling. That product gave us two hero classes, the clever godling and mighty godling, based on the classic Greek heroes and heroines who could claim Olympians as parents or grand-parents. It also offered a godling prestige class, for characters whose divine heritage doesn’t manifest until later in their careers. Not long after, the spellcasting classes of adept godling and eldritch godling were presented in The Genius Guide to Mystic Godlings, creating godlings that took after the demi-mortal spellcasters of myth and legend. The classes immediately garnered a large following, and requests for additional material quickly began making their way to Rogue Genius Games.

The first book to offer additional support for them was Rite Publishing’s 101 Renegade Class Feats, which includes 7 feats designed specifically for use by the godling classes, as well as feats for numerous other classes created by Rogue Genius Games and other publishers. And now, The Genius Guide to the Godling Ascendant expands the classes even further, with rules for using godling abilities to create exemplar monsters, new ways for characters with non-godling classes to represent scions of immortal power, and new divine traits, ascendancies, scion talents, and feats for the four godling classes, as well as new ways to introduce the concept of godlings to a campaign.

32 pages of divine awesomeness!