The Genius Guide to the Talented Bard


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The Genius Guide to the Talented Bard

The Genius Guide to the Talented Bard

Master the Secrets of Lore and Language

Bards are often disparaged as near-useless secondary characters, with jokes about how singing can’t help a party make Stealth checks, and the power of interpretive dance. But at their core, bards are character who know things that let them manipulate the world and everyone in it. Of course most bards get locked into a specific implementation of that idea, with few options to change the way they use their vast knowledge, magic aptitude, and power to warp reality through passionate art. But now with the Genius Guide to the Talented Bard, players and GMs can build exactly the maestros of esoteric arcana they desire. While remaining a likely source of lore and aid for a party, a talented bard can focus on types of performance from magic songs to battle dances to glorious epics to satire, or explore arcane magic, magician’s tricks, thieves’ tricks, and even secrets of the grave.

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