The Mists of Akuma - Primer


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The Mists of Akuma - Primer

The Mists of Akuma - Primer

Mists of Akuma is an eastern fantasy noir steampunk campaign setting for D&D 5th Edition, funding on Kickstarter RIGHT NOW!

Brave the lands of Soburin and earn your place as a master of one of the great clans, oust an oni warlord to carve out your own fiefdom, turn a fortune from the many heretical technology black markets, or make your name a thing to be feared by besting the world’s greatest swordsmen!

In this first FREE PDF sample for the Mists of Akuma Kickstarter, you’ll find:

  • Utsukushi’s Ire, a short story about one samurai’s quest for revenge.
  • The campaign setting’s dreaded fell fog and the new Misted condition.
  • A new attribute emblematic of Mists of Akuma: Haitoku (“fall from virtue”).
  • The Ronin, Roustabout, Shinobi, and Yamabushi character backgrounds.
  • Three subraces for humans in Mists of Akuma: Ceramian, Ropaeo, and Soburi.
  • Shikome, the hobgoblin player race of Mists of Akuma (along with the Blessed and Cursed subraces).
  • The Tanuki player race (and its subraces, Forest and Urban) for players looking to be mischievous.
  • Samurai Sacred Oath, a new class option for paladins looking to instill great ancestral power.
  • Wu-Jen Warlocks and one of the dark patrons of nature: Natsu ?t?, consumer of summer.
  • A full page map of the continent of Soburin by cartographer Michael McCarthy.

If you like the Mists of Akuma: Primer, stop by the Kickstarter page to get Imperial Dragons, Martial Arts Stances, and Tsukumogami, and keep your eyes peeled for them to appear here throughout the month of May!

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