Throk - Dark Gods - 32mm - D&D - pathfinder - tabletop - rpg - fantasy - miniature

by 3D Printing Empire

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Throk - Dark Gods - 32mm - D&D - pathfinder - tabletop - rpg - fantasy - miniature

3d printing table top now partnering with Dark Gods to bring you the scariest demons to ever be created. Throk is the combination on the 3 abominations culminating into this monstrous form. Comes in TWO sizes: 60 MM Base 130MM Epic Base Also avaliable in a Abominations bundle as well. Why 3D printing table top? I use only top 4k printers to create your purchased models in some of the best resin avalible. Pictures of your models before shipping so you always know what to expect. Some models arw hollowed for easier printing and cost of materials and shipping. Some models with larger bases will be done in filament which is a different style of 3d printing. This model will be shipped ready prime and paint how you choose. Assemble may be required for some kits. ALL models come unprimed and unpainted. Some sanding and or filing may be required for best results. I will gladly send you pics of the design process so you know exactly what you're getting. Don't fall for others who just print and drop ship to you. This model will be 3d printed in a mixture of stand and flex resin for added protection from falls and tumbles. As this is a 3d printed model it is created by being supported vertically as such minor defects on the model can happen and supports could be missed. I do my upmost to clear all these up prior to shipping so you don't have to. Sometimes minor ones get missed as such these are not grounds for return. Refunds are available for damaged products with in 3 days of recipe. Feel free to contact me with any questions. The original .stl files for this model can be purchased from