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TOS FIVE demo is an Excel based Character manager for 5th edition of the world best known RPG.

As a demo, it will allow you to create a 5thedition Human character, with content based on the System Reference Document. Human characters can either be printed on paper or used dynamically with the Dashboard worksheet.

Some of the main features include:

  • Dynamic Play through the Dashboard worksheet (view the Tutorial video)
  • It is easy to use and supports multi-classes characters
  • Includes the content from the System Reference Document, but it is NOT limited to it!
  • Integrates the rules so you can focus on playing, and not adding numbers
  • Active community forum where users can share ideas, suggestions, content and report issues
  • Advantage is indicated with an UP Arrow ↑, disadvantage ↓ with a down arrow
  • Proficiency is indicated with a dot •

REQUIREMENTS: Use this DEMO to check if it works on your specific version of Excel!

  • On PC: Microsoft Excel 2007+ with the latest service packs)
  • Macros: Macros must be activated
  • Does not work on MAC Excel or clones of Excel


    Q) I am unable to create a character. It says that the workbook is "locked"?

    A) The protection prevents the complex formulas from being overwritten. User-data is usually entered in white cells. Check the tutorial for help.

    Q) What is Dynamic Play?

    A) Dynamic Play is when you use TOS FIVE during a gaming session on a Laptop. It allows you to quickly apply effects so you can focus on gaming. For example, if your character gains the effects of the Haste spell, you can just type or select 'HASTE' on the Dashboard sheet, and ALL the effects of the haste spell will be applied to your character on the fly!

    Q) Can this be used on a Tablet/iPad device?

    A) TOS FIVE requires the full version of Microsoft Excel (with Macros), which is usually not available on low end tablets. But you can run TOS FIVE on your desktop, and remote-login from your tablet to your desktop using an application like TeamViewer, thus allowing you to control TOS FIVE remotely on your tablet. Try it out with the DEMO version.

    Q) I would like to modify TOS FIVE for my own needs. Can i do that?

    A) No, you are not permitted to modify the workbook for your own designs. All formulas and code remain the sole property of the author.

    Q) How do I add custom equipment, spells, classes, races etc...?

    A) This demo version does not allow for custom creation.

    Q) I have a question, where do I ask? Does it supports the X Class or Y Race?

    A) You can post questions on the community forum or ask via email: