Total Party Kill Handbook

by 2CGaming, LLC.

2CGaming, LLC.



Tags: 5th Edition Adventure (High-Level) Adventure (Low-Level) Adventure (Mid-Level) Fantasy GM Tools

Total Party Kill Handbook

The Total Party Kill Handbook is a book for devious Game Masters interested in bringing their challenges to the next level! Clocking in at close to 150 pages, with 25 distinct encounters that cover a wide range of levels, The Total Party Kill Handbook contains encounter details, tactics, detailed scaling guidelines, and notes on encounter challenge broken down by both Player style and Character type.

Every encounter can be scaled up or down to fit groups that are several levels higher or lower, and the tactics scaling sections let you make the monsters smarter or dumber to further tweak the difficulty to match your party. With an index that organizes encounters by level, where they take place, and which monsters appear in them, you can find the next challenge for your group in seconds.

Within you’ll also find the Trap Workshop, a revolutionary trap creation system that will let you build traps that damage, disable, and debilitate adventurers, making your dungeons even more dangerous. If you wish the Dungeon Master's Guide had better rules for creating traps, you won't be disappointed here.