Trouble At Durbenford (d20)

by Frog God Games

Frog God Games



Trouble At Durbenford (d20)

In the shadows of a great mountain range, on the shores of the cold waters of Rynas's Tears lies the frontier city Durbenford, a community whose economy rests on its thriving lumber industry. However, something is in wrong in this idyllic community, something dark and sinister, and it is up to the heroes to find the underlying cause.

Trouble at Durbenfordis a mega adventure taking characters from 8th to 14th level. This adventure features several multilevel dungeons, three fully detailed communities, a rich and vibrant landscape that hides the secrets endangering Durbenford, the people and ultimately all of the lands. Intrigues, drugs, nefarious villains and a nursed hatred held since the earliest days of history all combine to form an adventure promising months of exciting play.