Veranthea Codex: The Beztekorps Prestige Class FREE PDF


Brand: Rogue Genius Games

Format: PDF


Masters of the sciobtha canisters and ankshirr water, these warriors fly through combat with astonishing ease. Crisscrossing the battlefield in rapid bursts of air, the Beztekorps slashes enemies as they streak from place to place, cartwheeling to and fro.

In this FREE PDF:

  • Ankshirr water, a fluid that decreases the weight of objects and creatures!
  • Reiciosteel, a new material ideal for fighting giants!
  • The sciobtha harness, used by halflings and gnomes to tumble through the sky!
  • The Beztekorps prestige class, an action-packed player option sure to excite any group of Pathfinder players!

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