Vindication (d20)

by Frog God Games

Frog God Games



Vindication (d20)

Break the Personal Curse That Never Ends
An avatar of lawful evilness has cursed your group, first with a hideously cursed item and then with the second and most insidious torment: omniscience about you and your activities. This avatar slowly and surely rips your lives asunder. Can your group find out the true identity of your persecutor? Can you locate, reach and destroy this malefactor? Or will your group merely dance as puppets to its whim, with your funds and skills funneled to its malevolent purposes, until your eventual uselessness results in death?

To Loathe And Fear With All Your Heart
Vindication! offers a unique adventure that includes opening vignettes, a wilderness for exploration, a detailed city and a multi-level dungeon setting. The main antagonist elicits a personal grudge from the group and does not care what their classes or alignments are. The module may be started at just about any time in the character's lives, although the dungeon should be only explored when the characters reach 10th-level. Some groups might actually join the avatar's operations. Ample tactical and strategic help for the DM is provided to ensure the ensuing battles are those that the characters never forget... if they live.