Whispers of Starfall - PRINT

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Tags: 5th Edition Adventure (Low-Level) Fantasy

Whispers of Starfall - PRINT

Whispers of Starfall

“Starfall…” A term whispered by only the very few with the knowledge or wisdom to know the significance of that word. In the village of Hyran a team of adventurers begins to celebrate the holiday week of Brewfest, taking a chance to rest from their travels; but the life of an adventurer is rarely ever that simple, and trouble begins in Hyran even before the Lord Mayor’s speech!

As events begin to unfold, it becomes apparent that there are more sinister forces at play in this trade-hub community and the surrounding environs than meets the eye. A sharp blade, keen eye, and clear mind will be needed in order to unravel the mysterious happenings around Hyran; but will the adventures succeed, or will they fall prey to whatever evil is at work there.

Filled with puzzles, tricks, traps and mystery, Whispers of Starfall is sure to keep you guessing!

Whispers of Starfall: An OSR adventure for 5th Edition Fantasy by Dragon-Knight Publishing