Wonderworker Hybrid Class

by Wayward Rogues Publishing

Wayward Rogues Publishing



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Wonderworker Hybrid Class

For some, magic is not only a thing to ponder, but the stuff of wonder! Using the power of their eccentric imaginations, wonderworkers fill the natural world with vibrant phenomena and awe-inspiring spells. Inspired by the magical princesses and kooky magicians from numerous animated features, the wonderworker is a mage for all seasons and situations. Work wonders by crafting hybrid spells, gain the faithful companionship of a magical beast, meddle in the affairs of your enemies, and discover that dreams really do come true! If you have any doubt, let it go...

  • A complete 1-20 hybrid class based on the druid and wizard.
  • A wide variety of magical beast companions

And much more!

Written by fantasy novelist Aaron Hollingsworth