Yggdrassil Tapestry Throw Blanket

by Norse Tradesman

Norse Tradesman


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Yggdrassil Tapestry Throw Blanket

🌲 WOVEN COTTON - This gorgeous tapestry blanket is woven from 50% virgin cotton, 44% recycled cotton and 6% polyester fibers. We use a 20/2 yarn count, which makes for a nice medium thickness and proves very durable. This can be washed, ironed, vacuumed and will likely survive Ragnarök!

🌲 MULTI-USE - Use this piece as a wall hanging, a cozy throw blanket for the living room or bedroom or a unique beach blanket. This blanket will become your constant companion!

🌲 UNIQUE ARTWORK - This exquisitely complex Tree of Life design was privately commissioned and painted from scratch by a European artist who is also an expert in Norse mythology. Notice the countless hidden mythological symbols and that weave together the story of Yggdrasil, the Norse Tree of Life!

🌲 MADE IN THE USA - Each tapestry throw is woven right here in the USA by a small team of experts who have been weaving cotton for over 30 years. Plus, when you purchase from Daaxo Wares, LLC, you're supporting a small American retailer. Buy American!

🌲 NORSE MYTHOLOGY - Students of Norse mythology will recognize Odin the wanderer gazing up at Yggdrasil, Odin's raven's soaring above, Nidhogg, the serpent who lives around the roots of the great tree, the eagle perched in the canopy, plus the nine worlds of Norse cosmology.

🌲 SPECS - 94% cotton (50virgin cotton, 44% recycled cotton, 6% polyester), 52-inches wide, 68-inches tall, 20/2 yarn count, 2.5 lbs