Zephyrus Base Class

by ARMR Studios

ARMR Studios



Tags: Classes Fantasy Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition

Zephyrus Base Class

Zephyrus Base Class

Unleash the fury of the zephyrus base class upon your foes (or upon your players). The zephyrus is a martial class capable of incredible acrobatic feats, from falling safely from extreme heights, to jumping over an entire army to strike down a single foe. The zephyrus can even move at high speeds, rivaling those of the monk, rarely being encumbered by even the heaviest of armors.

The zephyrus is a master of the charge and thus gains various abilities that aid in his charge attacks, from charging through the squares of allies to charging through squares occupied by enemies. The zephyrus is a master of mobile combat.

A new base class brought to you by ARMR Studios.