The Big Book of Disposable Heroes

by Rempelstiltskin Productions LLC

Rempelstiltskin Productions LLC



Tags: 5th Edition

The Big Book of Disposable Heroes

Teaching new players how to play 5fth Edition?

Just had your level 1 wizard die and want to get back into the game quickly?

Running a one shot and want to experiment with new classes and races?

Looking for something interesting and new for a campaign you are joining?

At a convention and need to supply new characters quickly?

Your kid starting a TTRPG club at school, you are supervising and just want to get the kids playing?

This book is here to help. With 16 Tier 1 characters, all leveled from one to four there should be something here for any tables pickup and play.

In addition to the standard fare for character choices, you’ll find some exciting new options from many of the wonderful open gaming publishers that produce content for fifth edition.

You will find characters created using:

  • Backgrounds like the Ancient Explorer and Trophy Hunter
  • Class specializations like White Necromancers and Dryadic Sorcerer’s.
  • Classes with interesting mechanics such as the Dour Destroyer and the Spelljack.
  • Races and Ancestries such as the Basteti and the Fey-Kin
  • Spells such as Ring Strike and Lacerate

Magic Items such as the Cat’s Collar and Bezoar of the Cockatrice (and a few new ones from Rempelstiltskin Productions)

And enough of the mechanics and rules reprinted to play these characters effectively.

This love letter to open gaming publishers is a compendium of fifth edition tier one player characters for quick pick up and play. The characters use open game content provided by many publishers, including but not limited to: Kobold Press, EN Publishing, AAW Games, P.B. Publishing, and Legendary Games.

The publishers used in this book are not affiliated with, nor officially endorse this product, but if you like what you see in here, consider buying and supporting the books this content originally appeared in. You won't regret it.