Class Expansions - Oracle Mysteries

by Interjection Games

Interjection Games



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Class Expansions - Oracle Mysteries

Sometimes, all you need to have fun with a class for another few months is a few new ideas to tinker around with. Class Expansions is a series of lightweight supplements for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game that takes a base class and offers alternative class features that, handily enough, each fit on one page or less.

Following in this vein, Class Expansions - Oracle Mysteries introduces two new mysteries for the oracle base class.


Become one with the secrets locked away in the deep trenches of the world's oceans.

New Revelations

  • Amphibious Nature Gain a swim speed and, eventually, waterbreathing
  • Aqueous Absorption Absorb hundreds of gallons of water, then spray it out later
  • Child of the Deeps Gain resistance to cold and immunity to fatigue from cold spells
  • Crushing Depths Crush a creature with the pressure of the deep ocean
  • Deepwater Chill Small area of effect ability that damages and fatigues enemies
  • Dousing Divination Contort your body like a dousing rod to find specific materials
  • High Tide Gain fast healing equal to your level for one minute
  • Numbing Cold Your cold spells slow enemies
  • Sedimentary Skin Gain an armor bonus and fortification against critical strikes
  • Truth in Crashing Waves Gain a bonus to Knowledge and Sense Motive skills when within earshot of running water


Become one with the capricious moon, the one celestial entity who does whatever she wants whenever she wants.

New Revelations

  • Dance of Phases Gain the Improved Initiative feat, and additional initiative and sneak attack damage as you progress
  • Friend of Tricksters Gain a bonus to social skill checks with the fey
  • Luminescent Magic All blind and dazzle effects from spells you cast are extended
  • Lunar Guidance See in moonlight as if it were sunlight, eventually piercing invisibility and other illusions lit by the moon
  • Luna's Embrace Gain a random deflection bonus to AC every dawn
  • Luna's Fury Unleash multiple rod of wonder rolls on a single creature in a single action
  • Mercurial Reflections Gain a concealment bonus
  • Moonlance Blind and/or stun a line of creatures
  • Nocturnal You and some of your allies enjoy lessened need for sleep if sleep is taken while the sun is up
  • Waxing Spellcraft Quicken one of your bonus spells once per day