The Direlock Class

by Forest Guardian Press

Forest Guardian Press



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The Direlock Class

Dare with Dire Deeds!

Forest Guardian Press brings you this new Base Class for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game that puts the "fell" in your fellowship and the "dire" in your direction... The Direlock functions as a foil to spellcasters or as a competent eldritch empowered combatant, taking advantage of her perilous dire zone and confounding enemies with her dire mantle and fell eldritch tendrils. If you want to crimp the casters in your game, try throwing a Direlock at them.

****Newly updated and revised****

Complete with FOUR archetypes - the Banelock, Dreadmasque and Fear Eater, as well as the newly added Predator!!! 17 new feats, a new spell, 17 inimica, 18 incunabula and favored class bonuses for all the Core races plus Drow, Tiefling and Goblin. Also included are two extra printable sheets to make your Direlock easier to play - one containing all the inimica abilities, the other a management sheet so you can keep track of all of your Direlock's fell capabilities. Presented as a full color PDF for viewing on your favorite device, or as a b+w PDF for low-carbon footprint printing.