The Modern Path - Arcana of the Modern World

by Game Room Creations

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The Modern Path - Arcana of the Modern World

Follow the Modern Path to a walk on the magical side!

Arcana of the Modern World explores the different ways to incorporate the use of magic in a modern-style RPG genre. Building on the foundations of the Modern Path: Heroes of the Modern World. To compliment the Modern Hero class, there are new feats, traits, trainings, & difficulties; along with new magical Archetypes to customize the spell caster that you want to play!

A major update to the just about all the old material and added:

  • Arcane Of The Forbidden This setting is where magic is extremely rare and difficult to cast. This type of setting is typically what you would find in a modern horror setting.
  • Arcane Heroes This setting is where magic is more common and what is normally found in the core rules of a fantasy based system. This section expands on the archetypes found in The Modern Path Heroes of the Modern World
  • Arcane Of The Mind This setting is not so much of a magic setting but rather a system of unique mental powers called Psychic abilities. Very similar to the more powerful psionics found in many fantasy settings but adjusted to provide a modern approach.
  • Arcane Of The Spellcrafter This setting is an alternate spellcasting system where magic is broken down into its basic form and can be applied in almost any configuration the user wishes.