Call of the Wild, Book 1 - The Druid

by Publishing Publishing



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Call of the Wild, Book 1 - The Druid

Call of the Wild, Book 1: The Druid is the first in a series of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game supplements from Publishing focusing on wilderness oriented classes, this one focuses on the Druid.

"When nature calls, I reply. When nature speaks, I listen. And when nature angers, I destroy."

This book introduces tons of new options for druids including:

  • 9 New Archetypes: Beastshaper, Critter Chitterer, Entomancer, Fist of the Forest, Green Rider, Henge Guard, Ley Weaver, Mushroom Shepherd and Vate
  • 16 New Feats: Bond of Fauna, Greated Bond of Fauna, Improved Bond of Fauna, Bond of Flora, Greater Bond of Flora,Improved Bond of Flora, Dramatic Shifting, Instinctual Alpha, Jagged Crown, Oaken Skin, Polynoxious, Sproutling, Trailblazer, Treedashing, Verdant Tenacity and Vinecaller
  • 1 New Special Material: Rainbow Chitin
  • 1 New Magic Weapons: Long Knife of Glittering Toxins
  • 1 New Magic Armor: Skirmisher's Plate of the Aurora Guard
  • 6 New Wondrous Items: Light-Splitting Lantern, Mask of Midsummer Magic, Vinelasher's Bindings, Spores of Second Sprouting, Violet Morel and Wrap of the Mosswalker
  • 2 New Playable Races: Agarician Bolites and Wilderlings
  • 6 New Monsters: Agaricians (Amanite, Aserubera, Bolite, Hoplite, Psibyl, Toxiphage)
  • 5 New Animal Companions: Cassowary, Hypersloth, Kiwi (riding), Pangolin (dire) and Squirrel (giant tree)

All this AND MORE await you in Call of the Wild, Book 1 - The Druid