Terra Triad Pantheon

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Terra Triad Pantheon

Bring Nature's Destructive Power To Life

Terra Triad Pantheon offers cleric domains based on the cycle of the seasons, elements, and organisms and includes a total of 21 subdomains. It also features two races, the half-human, half-wolf Caniskin, and the minotaur-like Werebull-kin. The psimorph class specializes in body adaptations, healing, and linking with allies. Finally, you’ll find 8 archetypes covering a variety of classes, 3 spells, and 1 new magic item.

Archetypes: Singing with a flaming tempo, the voice of the volcano lights up the battle, while the poison spitting venom-blood cleric keeps foes at bay.

Classes: Body alterations, healing, and linking with allies is the psimorph's specialty.

Deities: The domains of Cycles, Elements, and Organisms gifted by the Terra Triad goddesses pack a punch. Rather than having power over just one element, imagine having power over all major elements: aether, air, fire, metal, mineral, void, water, and wood!

Races: Caniskins (half-human/half-wolf) use scent, speed, and a frosty breath attack to track and dispatch enemies. Brutish and bull-headed fleetfoots, otherwise known as werebull-kin, get the job done with a natural gore attack.

More: 21 subdomains, eight archetypes, four alternate human racial traits (including Aberrant-Infused, Fey-Infused, Magic-Infused, and Monstrous-Infused), three new spells, and a new magic item.