CypherCaster Magazine - Issue 003 (September 2015; Numenera)

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CypherCaster Magazine - Issue 003 (September 2015; Numenera)

CypherCaster Magazine - Issue 003 (September 2015)

The third issue of the CypherCaster Magazine includes:

  • MCG Fall product preview - Into the Night & Strange Revelations
  • Interview with Lone Shark Games about their new Numenera Card game
  • A list of some Ninth World colloquialisms
  • Part two of Panacea Box, a Numenera story by Michael Fienen
  • An article about creating Dramatic GM Intrusions by Andrew Marlowe
  • A new series called Streets of Qi, where we explore different areas of the city of Qi. By Chris Fitzgerald
  • Some new descriptors
  • Muulis: The Wayward Hamlet, a Numenera adventure by Marc Plourde
  • The final part of our Holstenwall series, a Holstenwall toolkit byScott Robinson
  • MCG Fan Relations News

The awesome cover art by Rick Hershey features a member of Holstenwall's Coming Dawn.