Art of Magic - Melee and Magic

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Art of Magic - Melee and Magic

The blast of a tactically placed spell, the expert strike of a masterful sword stroke, these are the domain of the magus. Masters of sword and spell, magi dominate combat with a powerful blend of magic and melee, bringing a panoply of options to warfare. Within you’ll find a variety of options across different cultures and traditions, adding a wealth of options to the magus class.

Unleash the Magus!

The magus class presents the perfect blend of combat-oriented features and spellcasting, appealing to the player who wants a variety of options and ways in which to take on their enemies. Just as class features and spell selection can lead to a wide variety of wizard builds, and choice and specializations in weapons, armor, and feats can result in drastically different types of fighters, so too are there countless ways to build a magus, blending magic and melee or ranged combat into very distinct fighting styles and character archetypes.

Inside, you’ll find a wealth of new character options, including archetypes, magus arcana, feats, and spells to bring your concept of the magus to life, and put a new twist on a favorite class.