Shaman: 5e Compatible Character Options

by Publishing Publishing



Tags: 5th Edition Classes Fantasy Magic

Shaman: 5e Compatible Character Options

While others worship gods and form pacts with demons, you draw power from the spirits and muses of the world.

Your connection to them allows you to use their power as your own and grants them the ability to influence the material realm.

Shaman: 5e Compatible Character Options gives you the power of the new shaman class. Draw power from totem spirits and command the battlefield with unique orisons with this dynamic, fifth edition fantasy class.

Inside you'll also find:

  1. 15 Totems, including the Champion, Hierophant, Inferno, Mammoth, and Trickster. Each totem provides unique benefits to your shaman character.
  2. 41 Orisons, spell-like abilities that allow you to further adapt to the dangers you face.
  3. A spell list unique to the shaman, detailing available spells from cantrips through to 9th level.