The Book of Random Tables: Quests

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The Book of Random Tables: Quests

Need adventure ideas for Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder? Cut down your GM prep with 1000 quest options.

This book is a collection of quests or adventure ideas for the use in fantasy tabletop role-playing games.

The ideas are organized by a broad topic and are placed in a random table format. Each table has one hundred ideas. You can use these adventure ideas to run RPG sessions in several ways.

You can read through the tables and choose an idea. You can take several ideas and combine them into one scenario for a campaign. You can roll randomly on a table to find an adventure on the fly. You can also use these ideas as side quests within original or pre-made campaigns.

The first six tables contain ideas that range from story hooks to scenarios to globe-spanning adventures. These tables are organized under the topics: Dungeons Hooks, Royal Quests, Forest Quests, Doorways to Another World, Town Quests, and Sea Quests.

The next three tables are as follows: Questing Beasts, Quest Objects, and Lost Cities. Here you will find the name of a thing and a bit of context. These are meant to be used as the goal of the quest. How the goal is attained is up to the gamemaster.

Meta-Quests is the last table in the book. It is a list of simple ideas that can be used as micro-quests much like collecting feathers in Angry Birds or bobbleheads in the Fallout video games.

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