The High Magic Handbook

by Drop Dead Studios

Drop Dead Studios



Tags: Fantasy Magic Pathfinder 1e Spells

The High Magic Handbook

Created for Pathfinder 1st edition and the Spheres of Power system, witness the grand potential of magic unbridled! The high magic handbook offers options for Players and Game Masters to suffuse their settings with tremendous miracles, offering insights into the ways magic might sculpt the world.

Erect mighty spellzones that can permanently infuse a region with magic or unearth the secrets of mythic rituals and crafting! Harness magic’s new forms through the Universal Magic or dual-classing Gestalt options!

Push beyond 20th level with mighty new Epic Level rules or expand your magical reach through sphere-based Mass Combat abilities! The limitless avenues of the arcane are open to all who dream of them and the High Magic Handbook serves as your guide along these infinite paths.