Ultimate Spheres of Power

by Drop Dead Studios

Drop Dead Studios



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Ultimate Spheres of Power

Spheres of Power is a completely new magic system for the Pathfinder RPG and other D20 systems, built from the ground up to provide an easy and intuitive approach to concept-based magic.

In this, the Ultimate version of Spheres of Power, we have compiled the original volume, over 22 handbooks, and numerous smaller expansion products into one enormous volume, giving you a compiled and re-balanced system that greatly expands on what sorts of worlds and characters you can use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game 1st edition!

Included in this book you will find:

  • 22 Magic Spheres—including alteration, blood, creation, conjuration, dark, death, destruction, divination, enhancement, fallen fey, fate, illusion, life, light, mind, nature, protection, telekinesis, time, war, warp, and weather.
  • 12 New Base Classes—including the thaumaturge, the elementalist, the mageknight, the armorist, the occultist, the eliciter, the soul weaver, the fey adept, the symbiat, the hedgewitch, the shifter, and the wraith.
  • Advanced Magic—including rituals, spellcrafting, advanced talents, and incantations. These systems may be implemented in part or en masse to grant a gaming table complete control over how magic interacts with their setting.
  • Casting Traditions —allowing both players and GMs to customize not only their characters, but even the entire concept of magic itself.
  • Magic Item Creation Rules— adapting the entirety of magic item creation to the new system.
  • Bestiary— Giving you all manner of creatures adapted for use with the system; GMs should have fun too! And much, much more!
  • Books contained within this volume include:
  • Spheres of Power
  • Spheres of Power: Expanded Options
  • Archetypes of Power
  • Items of Power
  • The Wraith
  • The Geomancer’s Handbook
  • The Telekinetic’s Handbook
  • The Enhancer’s Handbook
  • The Diviner’s Handbook
  • The Abjurer’s Handbook
  • The Auspician’s Handbook
  • The Battlemage’s Handbook
  • The Chronomancer’s Handbook
  • The Conjurer’s Handbook
  • The Creator’s Handbook
  • The Destroyer’s Handbook
  • The Fey Binder’s Handbook
  • The Illuminator’s Handbook
  • The Mentalist’s Handbook
  • The Necromancer’s Handbook
  • The Nyctomancer’s Handbook
  • The Sanguinist’s Handbook
  • The Shapeshifter’s Handbook
  • The Tempestarian’s Handbook
  • The Trickster’s Handbook
  • The Vivomancer’s Handbook
  • The Worldwalker’s Handbook
  • Spheres Apocrypha: Light Talents
  • Spheres Apocrypha: Dark Talents
  • Spheres Apocrypha: Destruction Talents
  • Spheres Apocrypha: Nature Talents, Earth
  • Spheres Apocrypha: Nature Package, Air
  • Spheres Apocrypha: Nature Talents, Fire
  • Spheres Apocrypha: Nature Talents, Metal, Plant, Water
  • Spheres Apocrypha: Nature Talents, Spirit
  • Sphere’s Apocrypha: Protokinesis Feats