Rawr! Volume I: Fear and Dread

by Total Party Kill Games

Total Party Kill Games



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Rawr! Volume I: Fear and Dread

Rawr! A Series of Monstrous Malevolence

TPK Games is proud to bring you a new dark and sinister series all about monstrous malevolence! We have lovingly called it 'Rawr!', and it is a new series all about monsters, and not just new monsters -- but what makes them tick. What makes a monster scary?

We explore all new themes in each volume and give you all new options for your monsters accordingly. Options that will allow you to adapt your own creatures and give your players a guaranteed surprise at the game table. We want to give you that element of surprise and horror you felt the first time you fell prey to a mimic while looting that overflowing chest of treasure, or contracted mummy rot.

Volume One: Fear and Dread

Our first volume is 'Fear and Dread.'

Included in this sourcebook are:

  • 2 all new magic items (for monsters!)
  • 6 combat traits
  • 6 new feats.
  • The Gravesbane Colossus and the Sundered One, two all new undead guaranteed to scare the wisdom right out of your character sheets!