Shadowglade: Player's Guide to Shadowglade

by Neo Productions Unlimited

Neo Productions Unlimited



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Shadowglade: Player's Guide to Shadowglade

Supernatural suspense, horror, and action await the unwary in Shadowglade! 500 years ago, the world ended. More than that, it was forgotten, the minds of those alive scoured clean of knowledge, history, and identity. In the intervening years, society has rebuilt as best it could, new alliances have been forged and blood-sworn enemies made as the surviving nations have begun to rediscover their roots. Out in the wilds and darkness, however, not all that lurks is friendly...or human...or even alive.

The history of Shadowglade is one shrouded in mystery and uncertainty. The ruling nations and popular churches and inquisitive souls have documented what little history they could, however, in an attempt to ensure the ravages of time could not scour what little they knew ever again.

Welcome to the world of Shadowglade! For the first time, get a complete look into the everyday world of this mysterious realm! This 91 page Player's Guide contains everthing you need to know to start adventuring! Dozens of pages of material on the realm, the city states and powers that be, background, and insight into the people's of Shadowglade! Find out where common classes fit into the grand architecture, learn more about the religions and their followers, and find your own home in the land!

Display your skill and prowess with new skill uses suited to exploration in the land!

Expanded and optional rules for economy, income, and money making in Shadowglade! Alternate items, item support, and masterwork rules for the magic lite realm! 18 new character traits to tie your backstory to the cities and faiths of Shadowglade! A brand new Defect system for Pathfinder, including 32 defects and scars for your characters and feats to overcome their adversity! ...and more!

About Shadowglade

Shadowglade is a magic-lite, low fantasy campaign setting modeled heavily on Renaissance era and colonial era mythology. Churches hold sway while magic is a thing of myth and folklore; technology is emerging, but fear of the unknown grips the hearts of many.

To help complement and enforce this, Shadowglade is an E10 (Epic 10) campaign setting; gameplay is capped at the 10th level, keeping gameplay in the lower, gritter levels and leaving high-level threats a very real danger and making players and GMs explore more unusual avenues to tackle dangerous and deadly threats.