Akashic Mysteries Subscription

by Dreamscarred Press

Dreamscarred Press



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Akashic Mysteries Subscription

Bind energy to your chakras with the secrets held in Akashic Mysteries!

In Akashic Mysteries, the veilweaving system of magic is introduced, where akashic energy is wielded by new classes like the vizier, daevic, and guru, who form this energy into veils that they bind to different chakras on the body. Inspired by Arabian and Indian myths, the mystical veils woven by these new classes imbue the veilweaver or the equipment they carry.

Each release in the series will contain different parts of the veilweaving system.

By getting this on-going product, you will get each release in Akashic Mysteries, up to and including the compiled PDF.

As of 2/1/15 this subscription includes

  • The Vizier
  • The Guru

Note! You can PREVIEW the Akashic Magic system and the Vizier class on the Pathfinder SRD!