New Bedlam Asylum (4th Edition)

by Hero Games

Hero Games



Tags: Super-Hero

New Bedlam Asylum (4th Edition)

New Bedlam Asylum provides details of a sample mental institution, complete with staff, patients, and encounters that can easily be removed and placed in the GM's campaign. While there is a connection between the Asylum's characters and encounters for the sake of story and campaign purposes, they can easily be separated and inserted into a preexisting campaign.

New Bedlam Asylum tells a story about the characters and locales in the text, primarily for flavor and entertainment value. As a result, some of the factual information herein is presented in narrative form. Any details omitted from descriptions or backgrounds can be filled in by the GM or the players.

Sections of New Bedlam Asylum were written to supplement the material introduced in Horror Hero, notably the random notes and events contained in the Asylum and the Asylum timeline. While it is written in a Dark Champions format, the Asylum could exist in Dark Champions, Horror Hero, and/or Champions.