Supernatural Supers & Metahuman Mystics: Crusader Archetype

by Misfit Studios

Misfit Studios



Tags: Horror Modern Mutants & Masterminds Super-Hero

Supernatural Supers & Metahuman Mystics: Crusader Archetype

This release for Supernatural Supers & Metahuman Mystics provides you with a new archetype, the Crusader. A crusader is a relatively normal mortal who has the ability to perceive the supernatural world all around us, and has subsequently been dragged into the ongoing war between the Powers of Light and Darkness. The crusader is ill-equipped for such a fight, however, and it takes its toll upon them. They are imperfect heroes who fight on, nonetheless.

Includes the a base crusader archetype template so you can more easily and quickly make crusader characters of your own, as well as guidelines on their origins, appearance and personality, powers and abilities (including example relics, rituals, and trademark enchanted devices), how they may be improved, and a number of variations on the basic theme. Rounding out the product is a sample crusader character, Eva Cross.

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Requires the Mutants & Mastermind’s Hero’s Handbook by Green Ronin Publishing for Use.