The Book of Many Things *EXCLUSIVE Campaign Content!

by Samurai Sheepdog

Samurai Sheepdog



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The Book of Many Things *EXCLUSIVE Campaign Content!


Were you late or unaware of our 2018 campaign for the Book of Many Things? Now's your last chance to join us before we lock away the exclusive content made available for it.

Inside this special volume, you will find a new selection of several races, classes, archetypes, and other options for players and GMs alike. The atlanteans, a race whose legacy of technology and intellect shunted them from their reality, seek to understand the myriad other races of the shattered worlds. To that end, they have recruited several like-minded allies, and not a few enemies in the Collective and the world soul races of Volwryn.

Classes like the aeon protect their allies with guardian constructs summoned through their emotions. Cruxes are dual-wielding veil shapers who channel power through their weapons and use it to generate stronger attacks. Dreamwalkers, meanwhile use their special realm for training and meditation.

When the Mejno Shift brings the war with Atlantis to your world, how will you handle it?