A Fine Bunch of Monsters

by Quasar Knight Enterprises

Quasar Knight Enterprises



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A Fine Bunch of Monsters

Pint-Sized Terrors for your Pathfinder Games!

Have you ever noticed anything odd about the wide variety of available monsters? How there's a huge assortment to pick from of all size categories but the two smallest? How even the majority of Fine and Diminutive monsters are some kind of insect swarm?

If your response to these questions are "you read my mind," then you'll enjoy A Fine Bunch of Monsters! This book includes 12 new monsters, including:

  • The deadly Fire Ooze Swarm, sought by alchemists for their fiery qualities.
  • The feared Spy Golem, favored for reconnaissance by mages
  • The unpredictable Magebeetle, consumer of arcane knowledge.

And much more! Add some unexpected opponents to your next adventure with this Fine Bunch of Monsters!