A Necromancer's Grimoire - Faces of the Rakshasa


Brand: Necromancers of the Northwest

Format: PDF

Monstrous Fiends, yet all too Human!

Rakshasas have long been a source of fascination for tabletop gamers, and are at once among the most beloved and recognizable fiends, and also the most underused. Unlike most fiends, which dwell in distant and unimaginable hellscapes, rakshasas live on the material plane, lurking amongst the other races like a wolf in sheep's clothing. They are cunning shapeshifters, powerful sorcerers, adept mind readers, masters of deception, and evil to the core.

A Necromancer's Grimoire: Faces of the Rakshasa provides a 20-level base class that allows you to play as a rakshasa from level one, slowly gaining their abilities until you not only have all the powers of a rakshasa from the Bestiary, but, by 20th level, have a number of additional, rakshasa-themed abilities found only in this book.

The book also presents nine new rakshasa castes, each of which bears the head of a different animal, has its own stat-block, with unique special abilities and powers that are tied to the caste's theme, and also contain detailed tactics, caste, and operations descriptions which provide details on that caste of rakshasa.

From the makers of Liber Vampyr: Secrets of the Blood and Codex Mechanica: On the Creation of Fabricants, A Necromancer's Grimoire: Faces of the Rakshasa provides all the information you need to make rakshasas a greater part of your game.


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