Akashic Mysteries

by Dreamscarred Press

Dreamscarred Press



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Akashic Mysteries

Akashic Mysteries

Harness a new and different source of magical power!

Drawn from a more primal magical force that exists everywhere, akasha is a deep well of magic from which those who hold the right knowledge, can draw almost limitless power. Shaping this essence into magical veils that surround their body, binding them to ancient chakras, these veilweavers open up new avenues of abilities and possibilities.

Following in the same footsteps as Psionics Unleashed, Akashic Mysteries is a Pathfinder RPG game supplement that present an alternative to conventional magic, inspired by Arabian and Indian myths and mythology. Characters of all classes can access the mysteries through the use of feats, traits and items, while veilweaving classes unlock the full potential of the Akashic Mysteries.

Included in Akashic Mysteries you will find:

  • Three new base classes: the daevic, the guru, and the vizier
  • New archetypes and class options for core classes, psionic classes from Ultimate Psionics, and more!
  • Two new prestige classes: the amplifier and black templar
  • Three akashic races: the gamla, the sobek, and the suqur
  • Over forty new feats!
  • The veilweaving system of magic
  • Akashic items including new weapon special abilities and new wondrous items
  • Akashic monsters

And more!

This 96-page tome contains everything you need to use Akashic Mysteries in your Pathfinder RPG campaign.

Written by Michael Sayre, with artwork by Joe Shawcross, Gordon Napier, Juan Diego Dianderas, Eric Lofgren, and Storn Cook.