Battlechangers - A Quick Play, Transforming Robot RPG

by Skortched Urf' Studios

Skortched Urf' Studios



Tags: future mecha robots sci-fi space

Battlechangers - A Quick Play, Transforming Robot RPG


During the summer of 1984, a small wing of alien starships crashed into the New Mexico desert. While in search of new fuel sources to continue their rebellion against the tyrannical Tyrakron Empire, the heroic crew of the Freegear star-carrier Pilgrim II was ambushed while traveling through hyperspace. Though their starship was blown out of hyperspace and caught in the gravity well of the blue-green world below, the Pilgrim II was able to blast its tormenter out of the sky.

The Freegear ship impacted in the New Mexico desert, only a few miles from the top secret Area 51 base. Knowing the desert was mostly deserted, and unlikely to endanger indigenous life forms in the crash, the Freegears steered their dying starship to the one place in North America their few remaining sensors told them they might find the technology to rebuild their ship. The Tyrakrons had no such concern, and no such luck, their starship impacting in the mid-Pacific.

Emerging from the wreckage, the alien warriors quickly disappeared. Using a transformation and mimicry ability native to their bio-mechanical species, the robotic warriors went to ground, finding shelter and establishing temporary refuges. Within days, the warring mechanoids discovered that Earth was exactly what they had been seeking- a planet rich in energy resources. Both sides soon realized that whichever faction could control Earth and her energy resources would gain an insurmountable advantage. Unwilling to stripmine an alien world, the Freegears realized that they must defend Earth and its inhabitants from the rapacious Tyrakrons…. as well as hopefully convincing Earth's governments to provide the fuel they needed to survive willingly.

Shortly, the Tyrakrons made their presence known, revealing to the human race what the American military was just beginning to suspect: living alien robots, capable of altering their forms to become weapons, tools or vehicles, were waging a secret war on Earth. As the Tyrakrons launched an amphibious assault at an experimental nuclear reactor in San Francisco, CA, the heroic Freegears responded. Quickly establishing a rapport with the American military on scene a combined force of brave humans and robotic gladiators drove off the Tyrakrons….

….but they will return, and the alien civil war that began in the far off planet Technys continues on Earth….

Battlechangers is a quick-play roleplaying game designed to emulate the thrills and adventure of some of the best cartoons of the 1980s. Obviously inspired by the long-running Transformers franchise, this RPG will help you emulate over 25 years of robotic adventure and excitement.