Bosco's Spell Compendium: Cantrips and Orisons

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in Flaming Crab Games

Brand: Flaming Crab Games

Format: PDF

Flaming Crab Games, erm, "proudly" introduces the first tome in the Bosco's Spell Compendium series. Here, the bizarre wizard Bosco creates silly variants of classic 0-level spells:

  • Acid Stache (Acid Splash)
  • Berate Water (Create Water)
  • Disrupt Dead (Disrupt Undead)
  • Fillet of Frost (Ray of Frost)
  • Financed Diplomacy (Enhanced Diplomacy)
  • Most Sound (Ghost Sound)
  • No Direction (Know Direction)
  • Open Clothes (Open/Close)
  • Prancing Lights (Dancing Lights)
  • Respect Magic (Detect Magic)
  • Stable Eyes (Stabilize)
  • Stage Hand (Mage Hand)
  • Suspect Poison (Detect Poison)
  • Unwitting Good Guy (Unwitting Ally)
  • And one more! Wow!


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